Wednesday, May 15, 2013

day 1 ~ bloglove and a FREEBIE paint pattern

OK lovely blog readers ~ I've been inspired by a few other artist friends who have committed to 30 days straight of blogging, in order to: make it a habit, become better writers/bloggers, to share more of our authentic selves by having to come up with something to talk about on a daily basis... and lots more reasons! 
I was going to wait a few weeks to start - since I'm going back to San Diego next week, for 9 days, and thought it would be difficult to keep up with my commitment ~ but I think that's an ADDED challenge that I'm up for!  Also - it may give me more things to write about ~ since there's SO much to do in San Diego and I like to share my LOVE of the city! 
So - today is Day 1 of my BlogLove -- wish me luck on the next 30 days!  I hope that it helps me become a better writer and to be able to express my thoughts in a more authentic way!  I'm excited! 

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Until tomorrow ~ Day 2 ~ haha... I'll leave you with a FREE pattern for today!  Here's my God Bless the Ewe S.A. Box pattern.  If you don't have a box to paint on, this would also be soooo cute on the side of a wood flower box or on a wood sign board!  Have fun and post pics of your finished projects in the comments or on my Facebook  page for me to see! 
Download your FREE pattern here: