Tuesday, April 30, 2013

pet peeves: it's versus people!

Pet Peeves.... do you have them??  I have a few that, for whatever reason, just drive me nuts!  I'm sure everybody does -- but I think most of mine have to do with correct vocabulary or the meaning of words.  My BIGGEST one is the abbreviation of vs.  Like Joe vs. the Volcano, the Padres vs. the Brewers.  It's like nails on a chalkboard when I hear someone use the incorrect pronunciation of verse instead of versus!  It's VER-sus people!  haha
[vur-suh s, -suh z]  
against (used especially to indicate an action brought by one party against another in a court of law, or to denote competing teams or players in a sports contest): Smith versus Jones; Army versus Navy.
as compared to or as one of two choices; in contrast with: traveling by plane versus traveling by train. Abbreviation:  v., vs.
[vurs]   noun, adjective, verb, versed, vers·ing.
(not in technical use) a stanza.
a succession of metrical feet written, printed, or orally composed as one line; one of the lines of a poem.
a particular type of metrical line: a hexameter verse.
a poem, or piece of poetry.
metrical composition; poetry, especially as involving metrical form.
Do you have little peeves that just irk you??  Or is it just my Type A personality rearing it's little horns?   Tell me about it!  Please let me know I'm not nutso!  haha   
HOT day out there today -- in the 80's!!  It was just 40 a couple days ago!  haha  That's Wisconsin for ya -- either cold or cloying humid hot -- no in between!  But I'll take the hot over the cold anyday!  Appreciate the beauty of the day -- the beauty of your life!  EVERY DAY!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

create your own Spring

spring branches, blossoms, tutorial, craft project
How adorable is this??  I could really use some looks of Spring around my house right now!  It's all gray and dreary and rainy.  I just LOVE this tutorial on the blog An Extraordinary Day!!  Make yourself some flowering branches from bookpages and a flower stamp!  There's is hanging on a window - but you could also make the branches and put them in a vase on the table!  I think that's what I'm gonna do!!  Makin' me some Spring!!  :)
Hugs, Sue

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

tablecloth turned into a rug

how to, crafting, diy decor

LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea I found on Hometalk today!  Hometalk is a Home Improvement, Gardening, Interior Design, Color, Painting, Décor (I could go on and on)... How-to posting site!  If you haven't gone over and checked it out - you definitely should! 

Anyway -- this Tablecloth to Rug How-to is so ingenius!  I can't wait to try it!  I wish I could find the tablecloth she used in the tutorial -- love the colors!!   I want to make this for an outdoor rug - for on the deck!  How cute would that be to add some style to your outdoor space??  Just what we need -- another "room" to decorate!  :) 

DIY, outdoor decor, palettes, Hometalk

I found this awesome palette sofa design on Hometalk as well!!  I'm hoping to make this on my deck this summer!  Just have to find someone to give me some palettes!  haha   I don't think they readily "give" them away around where I live - unless they're falling apart...which I definitely can't use!  But wouldn't the rug be adorable under this table??  

I'm also going to put the cushions/twin mattresses (whichever we decide to use) inside plastic mattress covers (the kind that zips closed) -- then cover with the decorative fabric (I'll make them like pillow cases).  Then if it rains - I can just wash the fabric covers and wipe down the cushions!  No sitting on wet seats!!  :)

And the fabric stores have started carrying lots of cute outdoor and laminated fabrics!  If you don't have a fabric store near you -- check out Fabric.com!  They have lots to choose from, great prices, and FREE shipping with just a $35 purchase!!

I can't wait to get started decorating my deck!  We just added 2 extra feet to the end of it last summer - so it's nice and wide!  I have to wait for all the Spring showers - and snow - to quit so I can get out there and work!  I'll post pictures of my progress when I do! 

Happy Spring!


Sunday, April 14, 2013


grateful, art, print, mixed media, Sue Allemand
Be Grateful for Love.  Be Grateful for Life.  Be Grateful for the beautiful Day ~ right now ~ this minute!  Be Grateful in Everything.

Monday, April 1, 2013


burlap flower sack, spring, sunshine

Is it really here??  SPRING??  You sure wouldn't know it by the weather around here!  We had snow flurries this morning and it's suppose to be in the 30's all week....ugh!  I'm hopin' it comes soon though!  I can't wait to get out in the fresh air and walk!!  I think.... yay just "think"... I'm going to try running this year.  I used to run when I was in high school -- but that was a LONG time ago!  I LOVE to walk - but with such a busy work schedule it takes a lot of time out of my creative day to get the kind of walking done that I need to make my booty smaller!  haha  I think I'll try the Couch to 5k program... and if it takes it takes... if not, walking is ok!  I get a LOT of ideas walking....but then I want to cut the walk short and get back to the studio to start on them!  Oh well... just keep trying I guess! 

Don't ya just LOVE this burlap sack filled with spring flowers my friend Peggy made for my door??  So adorable!!  She sells the awesomest stuff!  Thank you Peggy!!

Have a great day!!  Hope it's warm where you are!  *San Diego is REALLY calling me right now!  Must resist....until June...sigh*