Monday, March 11, 2013

waiting for Spring

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Are you waiting for it too??  I soooo need some Spring sunshine and warm weather!  I've just about had my fill of cold and snow... it's that time of the year I guess.  But my motivation and inspiration takes a dive right along with the weather!  All I want to do is nap and watch movies all day.... if only somebody would pay us to do that right?? 
In my brain I have so many things I want to do, so many new designs and projects to work on... I lay in bed in the morning, thinking of all the things I'm going to accomplish that day...but around 11 or so I'm ready for a nap!  Especially on the gray, rainy days like today.  BUT....  I am decided... I'm gonna STICK IT OUT today... POWER through!!  Spring is coming and I'll be wanting to be outside -- so I must get work done now... and I'll be able to play later!  :)  I can DO THIS!   We can do this together! 
So here's a GIVEAWAY for ya!  A set of 4 prints!  ALL FOUR of my 8" x 8" each, "Floral Beauty" prints.  They are professionally printed on heavy cardstock and ready for you to frame!  All you have to do is.... leave a comment below answering one of these questions:   How do you POWER through on dreary days??  What are you MOST looking forward to when Spring arrives?? OR  What positive quote do you use to inspire you??  Every comment gets an entry!  Plus - get your friends to comment and after they answer a question, have them post who sent them - and you'll get 2 entries!! 
Hurry!!  Winner will be chosen Monday, March 18th! 
Back to painting for me.... I WILL STAY AWAKE!  haha