Sunday, March 31, 2013

happy easter!

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Happy Easter Everybody!  Wow - what a weekend I'm having!  Busy, busy, busy!  My daughter is in town for Spring break from San Diego (yeah - I know - what a reverse right??  But she gets to live in gorgeous weather all year!); my parents came to town to visit, celebrate birthdays and have Easter dinner with everyone; my dad and his twin sister's birthday was the 28th, my birthday was the 29th; tried to take my daughter to O'Hare Airport at 2:30 this morning for her flight back but we got all the way there - then got the email that it was delayed til 1:30 this afternoon - so back to Kenosha we went; got a few more winks and now getting geared up to take her back to Chicago, then an hour and a half back up to Racine to the big Easter dinner with family. 

Ugh - yep - it feels just as busy as that incredibly huge, run-on sentence I just made!  haha  It's been a great week/weekend.... but it'll be nice to get back to painting tomorrow!   Some quiet and inspiration!  I've got LOTS to work on -- and some BIG canvases to paint!!  Yay!!  Paintin' LARGE!!

I hope you're all having a wonderful Easter weekend!  And getting a little of this warmer weather we're enjoying.... I really hope it sticks around!  I'm so much happier when I'm warm.  haha

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Monday, March 25, 2013

needing some coffee....

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or SUNSHINE!!!  I'm so dragging today!  Had one cup of my yummy favorite Sumatran coffee from Green Mountain... but I'm thinking I need another!  It's so grey and yucky out and I'm desperately waiting for SPRING!!  So far, we've seen no sign of it!  If you see it around somewhere - tell it to get it's butt to the Midwest! 

I think I may be starting to sound like a broken record, complaining about the weather, but that's one of the only things that can wreck my mood!  Today I think happy-colored, bright paints may wake me up!!  Turquoise, pink, lime green, yellow, purples.... oh how great it is to be an artist!  :)    AND.... maybe another cup of java to get me kickstarted!   Have a great day everyone!


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

i just like to make things...

That's the title of Art Agent, Lilla Rogers, awesome new book!!  I just got done leaving my review on Amazon!  I just LOVED it!  This book is for anybody wanting to know the ins and outs of selling art, and the various income streams that you can pursue if you're determined enough!
Lilla Rogers, creative book, art licensing, selling your art
I Just Like to Make Things: Learn the Secrets to Making Money while Staying Passionate about your Art and Craft

It's a MUST read for anybody starting out in the Art Business OR for those of you already creating and selling art, but wanting to expand your reach!  Lilla points out the pro's and con's of each route!  From fairs to licensing, she explains it all!  Having had experience in most of the those routes myself over the years, I know she's giving you lots and lots of GREAT information!!   I wish I would have had this book back then, it would've saved me a lot of work, time, money and mistakes! 
Lilla's not only an Art Agent - she's an Artist!  She started out in the art world like the rest of us, and her journey into licensing, becoming an agent, and helping other artists is really inspiring!  Lots of good advice, interviews and inspiration in the book from her stable of artists as well!  Lilla also included some creative "prompts" to get you thinking "outside the box" and figuring out what you really want out of your art career!  There's also a big section of Sources to get you started!!  She's so genuine in her writing - you really get a sense that you're having a "conversation" with her personally!
I can't say enough about it - I just LOVE this book!  I bet you will too!!  Check it out!

Friday, March 15, 2013

free pattern ~ painted bunny buckets

Painted Bunny Buckets by Sue Allemand

It's gonna be EASTER soon!  Here are some cute, totally easy bunnies for you to paint on whatever pails or buckets you can find!  These were paper mache buckets, but with a little Metal Medium added to your paint, you could use metal pails!!  Or you can use terra cotta pots for cute and quick Easter baskets!  Adapt the pattern to fit whatever you like!  Hey -- wouldn't these be cute colored in by the kids??  Just transfer the designs onto the paper mache bucket -- and have the kids color them with crayons!  Eyes are glued on sewing snaps!

Download your FREE pattern here:

AND:  Don't forget to leave a comment on our "waiting for Spring post" HERE.... to enter the Floral Print Giveaway!  All comments need to be posted by Monday March 18th to be entered to win the 4 prints!!



Wednesday, March 13, 2013

positivity and encouragement

One of my favorite ways to get my day off to a wonderful start, is reading my friend, artist Stephanie Ryan's series "Sweet Small Steps"!!  Uplifting and inspirational daily messages to get you in the positive frame of mind... and encourage you not to be so hard on yourself!  Here's today's message:

How wonderful to get these messages of love and compassion every day!!  If you want to get them too, you can sign up for the daily emails HERE!  She's such a sweet person and wonderful writer, I'm sure her messages will help you focus on the positive and start each day with possibility! 

While you're there, check out Stephanie's awesomely beautiful artwork!  I just love her fun, fresh, vibrant colors and floral designs!!  She's such an inspiration to DO WHAT YOU LOVE and everything will be all right!  :)



Monday, March 11, 2013

waiting for Spring

Sue Allemand, floral prints, art prints, daisy, lily, sunflower, tulip
Are you waiting for it too??  I soooo need some Spring sunshine and warm weather!  I've just about had my fill of cold and snow... it's that time of the year I guess.  But my motivation and inspiration takes a dive right along with the weather!  All I want to do is nap and watch movies all day.... if only somebody would pay us to do that right?? 
In my brain I have so many things I want to do, so many new designs and projects to work on... I lay in bed in the morning, thinking of all the things I'm going to accomplish that day...but around 11 or so I'm ready for a nap!  Especially on the gray, rainy days like today.  BUT....  I am decided... I'm gonna STICK IT OUT today... POWER through!!  Spring is coming and I'll be wanting to be outside -- so I must get work done now... and I'll be able to play later!  :)  I can DO THIS!   We can do this together! 
So here's a GIVEAWAY for ya!  A set of 4 prints!  ALL FOUR of my 8" x 8" each, "Floral Beauty" prints.  They are professionally printed on heavy cardstock and ready for you to frame!  All you have to do is.... leave a comment below answering one of these questions:   How do you POWER through on dreary days??  What are you MOST looking forward to when Spring arrives?? OR  What positive quote do you use to inspire you??  Every comment gets an entry!  Plus - get your friends to comment and after they answer a question, have them post who sent them - and you'll get 2 entries!! 
Hurry!!  Winner will be chosen Monday, March 18th! 
Back to painting for me.... I WILL STAY AWAKE!  haha 

Saturday, March 2, 2013

weekend diy: burlap bunny table runner

How perfectly vintage and adorable is this table runner??  I just LOVE it!!  I found the tutorial over at the Eclectically Vintage Blog and just had to share!  You can find the complete tutorial here:  Burlap Bunny Table Runner.  Thank you Kelly for a really cute pattern!  Oh, and she even has instructions on how to make the little pompom tails with a fork!!  I think I'll be making quite a few of these for gifts!!  They're so could make a bunch really quickly!!
I come across so many cool DIY projects - I think I'll start posting a favorite every weekend!!  If you make these - let me know how you liked it!  Have a fun crafty weekend!!