Tuesday, February 26, 2013

it's a snow day...why not make egg bunnies??

UGH SNOW!!!  I'm sooooo ready for Spring!  Heck, I'm always ready for Spring!  We could skip Winter all together and that would be just FINE with me!  :)   Oh well...  since we can't, I know a lot of you will have kiddies home for a SNOW day (or two)... why not make these cutie, oldie but goodie, EGG BUNNIES??? 

All you need is some wood eggs, small wood hearts for feet, Warm N Natural cotton batting for the ears, some scrap fabric for bows, glue (hot glue or Thick Tacky Glue..I use Ultimate Glue), some "cheeky-colored" paint (I used Rookwood Red), and black paint or a thin permanent marker!   Download the complete pattern here:  https://www.box.com/shared/itq6x6g503

If you're already snowed in and can't get to the store for supplies -- just have the kids use their imagination to figure out some variations of supplies you can find around your house!  Have fun with this!  For example -- instead of wood eggs you could use paper mache to make some "body" shapes, cut apart an egg carton and use each "bump", or you could use xmas ornament balls (you'd need to use black paint instead of the marker then or it won't stick)!! 

I wanna see those imaginative creations - so make sure to post some pics for me to see!!  Come see me on Facebook to post some!

Happy Snow Day!