Wednesday, February 27, 2013

a whole lotta color in a winter blizzard

Thank you Coastal Living!!  For giving me lots of color to brighten my day when all I can see outside is the 12" of snow we got in the last 12 hours! 

I LOVE getting this magazine every month!!  Especially when I'm in Wisconsin!  It reminds me of how gorgeous and beautiful it is in San Diego -- and it instantly transports me to the beach... I imagine myself lounging on my beach chair...enjoying the views in the picture!  Or wandering around the coastal kitchen they feature, in my barefeet (or flip flops) making a yummy, fresh lunch from my farmer's market finds! 

Can you tell I'm sooooo sick of cold and snow??   Now you know - this is one of the things I do to get through Wisconsin winters - it brings me joy!  That - and I think it's time to start going to the tan salon legs are so white they're transparent!! 

What do you do to help with the winter blues?? 

Warm hugs,