Wednesday, February 27, 2013

a whole lotta color in a winter blizzard

Thank you Coastal Living!!  For giving me lots of color to brighten my day when all I can see outside is the 12" of snow we got in the last 12 hours! 

I LOVE getting this magazine every month!!  Especially when I'm in Wisconsin!  It reminds me of how gorgeous and beautiful it is in San Diego -- and it instantly transports me to the beach... I imagine myself lounging on my beach chair...enjoying the views in the picture!  Or wandering around the coastal kitchen they feature, in my barefeet (or flip flops) making a yummy, fresh lunch from my farmer's market finds! 

Can you tell I'm sooooo sick of cold and snow??   Now you know - this is one of the things I do to get through Wisconsin winters - it brings me joy!  That - and I think it's time to start going to the tan salon legs are so white they're transparent!! 

What do you do to help with the winter blues?? 

Warm hugs,


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

love is family...

"LOVE IS FAMILY" Print (8" x 10") - Now available
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Just wanted to share -- my "LOVE IS..." Owl Collection Prints are now available in my shop!  There are 5 in all.  They are 8" x 8" or 10" x 8", printed on quality Epon papers with Archival Quality Inks!  Prints are signed by me on the front and come archivally matted to 11" x 14" in white with a foamcore backing.   These are all ready for you to place in your 11" x 14" frame! 

Shipping cost is the same "one print" price, no matter how many you order!  And all items come gift-wrapped and mailed in a rigid mailer.

Thanks for your awesome compliments on this new collection on Facebook

I'll be back soon with some new awesome art jewelry!  Take Care!


it's a snow day...why not make egg bunnies??

UGH SNOW!!!  I'm sooooo ready for Spring!  Heck, I'm always ready for Spring!  We could skip Winter all together and that would be just FINE with me!  :)   Oh well...  since we can't, I know a lot of you will have kiddies home for a SNOW day (or two)... why not make these cutie, oldie but goodie, EGG BUNNIES??? 

All you need is some wood eggs, small wood hearts for feet, Warm N Natural cotton batting for the ears, some scrap fabric for bows, glue (hot glue or Thick Tacky Glue..I use Ultimate Glue), some "cheeky-colored" paint (I used Rookwood Red), and black paint or a thin permanent marker!   Download the complete pattern here:

If you're already snowed in and can't get to the store for supplies -- just have the kids use their imagination to figure out some variations of supplies you can find around your house!  Have fun with this!  For example -- instead of wood eggs you could use paper mache to make some "body" shapes, cut apart an egg carton and use each "bump", or you could use xmas ornament balls (you'd need to use black paint instead of the marker then or it won't stick)!! 

I wanna see those imaginative creations - so make sure to post some pics for me to see!!  Come see me on Facebook to post some!

Happy Snow Day!


Monday, February 11, 2013

just sparkle

How cute are these??  Little glitter shakers I found at a scrapbooking store in San Diego!  I just fell in love!!  I restrained myself though and only bought the clear and a scrumptious winter blue color!!  It's very fine glass glitter!!

Of course - I'll probably NEVER use them!  Isn't that the way with stashes??  I have so many fabrics and yarns and paint supplies that just sit on a shelf, where I can stare at them and get inspired by them!  But can never bring myself to cut into them or I use them VERY sparingly on VERY precious projects!!  These little glitter cuties will remind me to SPARKLE!  I love sparkle!  I'm drawn to sparkling things - my husband thinks its funny... how I can be going in a store for something and get distracted by a glittering purse, or a shiny top, or rhinestone bangles!  I'll be in a conversation with someone and catch a glimpse of glitter or sparkle out of the corner of my eye - and my attention is immediately drawn to it! 

I think every girl should SPARKLE!!  We are precious in every way -- and we should FEEL it -- every day!  I put on blingy rings some days when I'm feeling glum -- and it always makes me feel better -- watching the flashiness of the sparkle while I'm painting or typing or even cleaning the house!  

How about you??  What kind of things do you mean save!  haha   What do you do to add SPARKLE in your life??

Have a fun day!