Thursday, January 3, 2013

my new word

Every year I pick a new word that helps define my goals and what I want to accomplish for the year.  And I'm telling you right now - it doesn't always help!  haha   It's kind of like all those New Year's Resolutions everybody makes.  You start out with the best of intentions... of where you are wanting to go that year... or how you want things to be ~ and somewhere along the road... it doesn't have to be very far down the road...(maybe just a few days) ~ you start to veer in another direction.  Or "life" gets in the way and you lose your focus on that word or that resolution!  Every day STUFF takes up your time.... you race from one thing to the next... one project to the next... willy nilly... and before you know it - it's time to pick the new word again!  

Well... starting out with POSITIVE intentions - AGAIN -- my new word for 2013 is........

I need to FOCUS!  In so many ways ~ for so many reasons!  That word keeps coming up in my writings and in my meditation...that I think the universe is trying to tell me something!  So I'm going to listen! 
I've been running from deadline to deadline for over 20 years - between raising 2 kids and running a household.  And now that the kids are gone...I need to slow down, and FOCUS on what I really want!  What I want!   FOCUS on the kind of art that really makes me happy!!  I know what that is now ~ I can SEE it in my mind ~ I HAVE seen it for over a year now ~ and I just have to FOCUS on getting there!
Over the last year, I've been transforming my business in a new direction... actually in 3 different directions... and I feel a little DIZZY from it all!  Little bits are getting done here and there, for each line of the business (there's so much to be done) ~ but I'm not making very much headway in any ONE section!   I need to simplify the process and really concentrate on the one MAIN direction first ~ and the secondary lines will fall in!  I SEE the END of the journey... what I want for the ultimate goal...but I need to FOCUS on the closer, smaller goals first!!
I have, what I call, Design A.D.D.!  haha  And sometimes that's not a bad thing... for years I've been very prolific in making all the different designs editors and manufacturers wanted and needed for a particular project, prototype or sample....whether it was painting or sewing or stitching or needlepunching or scrapbooking or any other medium you can think of!  And I LOVE to do it all -- but I have to let a lot of that go for now -- and FOCUS!  Just because I CAN - doesn't mean that's what I WANT or SHOULD be order to take my business to the next level.
So.... I cleaned my studio yesterday...putting away all the sewing supplies, the clay, the fabrics, the stuffing, etc.  They'll always be there for me ~ in the boxes in the cupboards ~ whenever I'm ready to play with them again.  The talent and love for it will never go away... but for now ~ I need to FOCUS!  Focus back on my original medium - painting - for that's my FIRST and TRUE love... and where my happiness and future lies.
I also need to FOCUS on "my" life - now that the kids are grown!  On being in the moment!  Being at peace!  Just breatheing IN all the beauty, and positivity, and life around me!  I haven't seemed to be able to FOCUS on my morning meditation lately -- my mind drifts from one problem or idea to the next.   I'm STILL trying to take care of everyone else and make sure they have what they need or even what they don't need!  haha  So I'm hoping that peace comes back with this "decluttering" of my mind and space.  :)
Can you see??  There are so many reasons for the word FOCUS for me!    More than I can even write in this post (or what's becoming a BOOK at this point!  haha)...  so here's to my new word... here's to an awesome 2013... three cheers for all of us!! 
What's your word of the year??  And why??  I'd LOVE to hear!  For in the writing of it - the declaring out loud of it.... I believe we'll all be able to make it STICK this year... make it WORK for us this year... for the WHOLE YEAR!  :)
Love & Hugs,