Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 ~ a new year ~ a new direction

Happy 2013!!!  I'm sitting here watching my very favorite parade of the year on t.v. ~ the Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena.  Is it any wonder this is my favorite??  haha.  I LOVE seeing all the gorgeous, creative, colorful floats ~ covered with all the beautiful flowers, seeds and plants nature has to offer!!  It makes me happy!
It's my dream to one day volunteer to help in the making of one of these awesome floats ~ but I haven't been out in California at the right time to do it yet ~ but I WILL!!
Above:  The Nurses Float (some of the words around the bottom:  compassionate, caring, committed, competent leader, conscientious, caring, wise)
These inspiring floats remind me of new growth - blossoming, stretching, learning, creating - the beauty of nature and all that is POSSIBLE in the new year! 
This year will bring big changes for me ~ in business and in life.  I feel like a big growth spurt is coming on!   I'm always trying to DO better and BE better - and grow in ways that take me in new directions and on unexpected adventures!  But this year seems a like a bigger JUMP is about to happen.  A bigger leap into "doing what I love" ~ leaving behind the old tried and true ~ allowing myself to be more in the MOMENT and not be a slave to deadlines or market trends or working 18 months ahead so that I don't know what season I'm actually LIVING in!   Every step in my art career, over the last 20 years, has led to one awesome opportunity after another!  I always likened it to a tree -- my art is the trunk, the foundation, and all the wonderful opportunities and directions ~ from painting to sewing to teaching to publishing to licensing ~ are the branches completing that big AWESOME tree!
But this year, it feels like I'm sprouting from a new root or seed of that tree!  The old tree is fully formed and filled out as far as it could go... and now it's time to start a new one.  Does that sound corny??  It probably does!  haha.  But that's the best way I can describe it.  I'm leaving behind a lot of things and starting a new seedling ~ that still has parts of its parent tree ~ but is growing on its own ~ right alongside the old one.  Like this float above says, "Everyone Grows"! 
Time to try new things... take my art on another adventure... and see where it leads!  Maybe you're ready to stretch or GROW in a new, fun direction??  It doesn't have to be a HUGE step, just a small one!  Be kind to yourself ~ make room in your life for something you LOVE to do ~ Breathe more and STRESS less!!  :)  Can you do that with me??  Think of a new word for 2013 that describes how you want to BE in this year ~ or what you want to DO ~ what you're going to use as a reminder to stay on your new adventure path!  I'll be back tomorrow with my word! 
Love, Peace, and Creativity,