Thursday, September 13, 2012

long drive

I'm off today for a long 30 hour drive to San Diego from Wisconsin!  Have to deliver a car to my daughter who lives there.  It'll be a fun - just my husband and me - talking and laughing and traveling for 3 days!  We really enjoy being together and having an adventure - which is AWESOME after almost 25 years of marriage!  :)  But I'll be taking along my notepad and pencils - and drawing up some new designs for when I get back next week! 

Fall is DEFINITELY in the air!  I LOVE Fall -- but it's the "after season" - the dreaded "W" word - that I really dislike!  hehe  So for the time being, I'll concentrate on the yummy pumpkin drinks and foods, the fun bonfires, football games, soccer games, chili & stew, and the fall colors I love... LIVE in the NOW... and not think of what's coming next!  Life is GOOD!