Thursday, September 13, 2012

long drive

I'm off today for a long 30 hour drive to San Diego from Wisconsin!  Have to deliver a car to my daughter who lives there.  It'll be a fun - just my husband and me - talking and laughing and traveling for 3 days!  We really enjoy being together and having an adventure - which is AWESOME after almost 25 years of marriage!  :)  But I'll be taking along my notepad and pencils - and drawing up some new designs for when I get back next week! 

Fall is DEFINITELY in the air!  I LOVE Fall -- but it's the "after season" - the dreaded "W" word - that I really dislike!  hehe  So for the time being, I'll concentrate on the yummy pumpkin drinks and foods, the fun bonfires, football games, soccer games, chili & stew, and the fall colors I love... LIVE in the NOW... and not think of what's coming next!  Life is GOOD!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

not so good

OK - I know!  I promised I would post more often to get into the routine of things -- but.....  excuses, thing leads to another in a busy artist's life!  :)   So here I am, giving it another go.

All right, one thing I want to know -- what is up with this "Text Enhance" highlighting words on everybody's websites and blogs, that link to nothing!  Are they going to link up to something at some point?  Or how can I get it to stop??  :)   I'm not a big techie.  I learn what I need to learn to communicate well and do business and I'm usually a few steps behind everybody else when it comes to NEW things.  I hate learning new computer programs, new procedures, new anything (hello - Windows 7 - I avoided it for as long as I could...until my computer (with XP) crashed earlier this year and I had no choice but to get Windows 7)!  I know there are usually great reasons why new updates come out - but I like when I know how something works and can easily do what I need to do and move on to the next thing!  

I'm from the "old school artists" that did everything by hand!  Paint every design by hand, do all the color ways by hand, sent in ACTUAL paintings and sewn products for licensing and books and photography...  and then everything changed... in a flash it seems.  Agents and manufacturers downsized their graphics departments, artists were expected to manipulate their own art, new artists were creating art digitally which made them faster and more prolific -- and some of us were left behind trying to catch up by teaching ourselves how to use Photoshop and scan and manipulate our own art!   I'm getting better, but I'm still way behind -- there weren't (and still aren't) many books out there that teach you Photoshop or Illustrator for Artists!  Most of the books and tutorials for learning these programs are for manipulating photography, not artwork.  So.... it's a lot of trial and error...looking up videos on You Tube and Googling for help!  But I'm getting there! 

I still prefer to do my painting by hand, then scanning the artwork and manipulating it to form different products and collections.  I think the handpainting gives it a "character"... a "soul"... a "uniqueness"...that you just can't create fully,  if you're doing all the creating digitally.  I KNOW how a brush feels in my hand.  I KNOW how the paint will react to the different surfaces I use.  I KNOW how to get the effect I want by using different products, different tools, using found objects to paint with or stamp with or even using my fingers to smudge or smear!  And I never want to give that up!  That's the FUN for me!  That's the JOY!  :)

Creating and manipulating digitally is a NEW kind of FUN for me!  At least it's starting to get fun now that I know more about the programs and can create things that my mind envisions.  It's getting easier to create things quickly -- so I really see the advantages to being digital-literate!  hehe   It's taking time - but you'll be seeing new artwork flowing like crazy outta me someday soon!! :)