Tuesday, June 26, 2012

starting out

Isn't the hardest part of a new blog the VERY FIRST post?? Ugh! I go 'round and 'round in my mind, trying to figure out what the topic should be... should I rough draft it OR should I just "go for it" and type it straight out onto the blog?...will anybody be interested in what I write anyway?...where should I begin?

So, I'm gonna JUST DO IT! Isn't that the most iconic saying ever? Thanks Nike! One of the first things you should know about me is that I use lots and lots and lots of exclamation points! And CAPITAL letters! No - I'm not mad at anyone - hehe... I'm just a very expressive person and I guess I write, text & post like I talk... and when I'm excited about something...or REALLY mean something -- I express it in the typewriter characters I'm allowed! It's my way of adding a little personality or inflection into my black and white online conversation. :) So please don't take offense!

I'm going to be posting, while I'm still working on getting this blog set-up, so I can get into the routine of it... (I don't know if anybody will actually read this part - hehe). I'm hoping to post a few times a week on life, art, friends, inspiration, and whatever strikes my fancy at the moment! Hopefully I'll find my "voice" along the way!!

My other blogs have always been like newsletters, instead of a conversation, letting people know about my newest patterns, designs, publishing, etc. and not about how those things fit into my everyday life or what I'm thinking, feeling, or being inspired by on a daily basis. I want to have a "real" conversation. Show you my whole quirky self - inside and out... and share my joy of art, life, love, and work...and how all of that leads to my HAPPINESS!

So CHOOSE JOY today... and I'll be back soon with tons of exciting news to tell you! :)